Sunday, May 23, 2010

We have now declared ourselves unofficial citizens of Prague.

Why? We have now taken virtually every form of public transportation, and lived to tell about it. Even better? We have survived public transportation... with groceries. I mean, making it through the grocery store was something to brag about in and of itself, but then bringing them home- oh man. It was an crazy. But now we have a little food and phones and some cleaning supplies (yes, I cleaned today. Be proud, Mom!), and after arranging the apartment, it's starting to feel a little more like home! It was definitely overwhelming, being in that grocery store. You would think that everything would be more or less the same- or that you could identify things by the pictures- but no such luck. Remember how I mentioned how easy the airport was to navigate? Yeah, if only public transport and groceries were so simple! It's okay though, it's been quite the adventure... and after making it through all that, how can you not feel like you (sort of, vaguely) belong? Well that... combined with the dumplings and goulash and hanging out with thousands of Czechs in the city center to watch the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship. Maybe I cannot speak much Czech, but I speak enough hockey to fit in, and now my vocabulary has expanded to include all sorts of cheers for the Czech team. We made so many friends... it's amazing how quicky people bond when they are united against a common foe (ie, Russia). It was incredible. With little Czech flags painted on our faces, we wove our way into the pulsing crowd. People were there from all over the country to watch this, and the Czech team did not disappoint, defeating the Russians 2-1, and breaking their 27 game winning streak, to take the gold. There are no words.

Class starts tomorrow... at 4pm. My schedule is beautiful. If only my regular school schedule could be this nice... if only my campus could be located in a city as beautiful as Prague! Oh well. Such is life- I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
A statue of St. Wenceslas in front of the National Museum
Overloooking Prague
Just a small fraction of the crowd watching the hockey game
It was fantastic!


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