Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is my kind of school.

Today has been fantastic! Two more classes today- art & architecture in the morning, and then Czech language later on. Both are fascinating, which I just love. Besides, they include lots of field trips- who can resist that?! This morning, we had class for about an hour an a half before taking a twenty minute break (which I used to buy some very cheap and very delicious pastries). We regrouped, and went to see the Prague Library (hooray!), Town Hall, Old Town Square, The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, the Church of St. James, Old Town Hall, and several places in between. After we finished our stroll, I grabbed lunch with some friends: smoked ham from a street vendor. While we ate, we listened to some really awesome music being played right near us. It was really cool! After going on a mission to exchange money, we headed back to the apartment to relax before class later. I am incredibly excited about learning to speak Czech. While some people speak English, most do not, particularly those who are older and those who are Czech. I look forward to being able to understand what the old woman who stabbed me in the kneecap with her umbrella said so disapprovingly. One day! Next class, we will be speaking entirely in Czech- no English. Oh dear! This is going to get interesting. After class, we ventured back to Tesco, which is sort of like the Czech version of Target. We needed a few more supplies. This time, it felt a lot less overwhelming. It was actually really interesting to see the ways that brands change their packaging for different cultures, and to see how many similarities there are. Across the street from Tesco was this delicious gyro place called Pigy, and it made for an excellent dinner (and cheap too!). I'm sure we'll be back. A bunch of my friends headed out tonight to go watch the USA vs Czech football game tonight at a local bar, but seeing as it doesn't even start until 2 am our time, I decided to pass. It would be fun... but I am exhausted! Besides, with the World Cup coming up, there will be plenty of opportunities to watch games here!
Overlooking Prague and The Church of Our Lady before Týn from the Tower at the old City Hall.
Intersection of architecture... the way history meets over here just fascinates me.
One of the guys from the all-percussion band playing at the festival in Old Town Square this afternoon. They had a very cool sound, and they were extremely spontaneous. Plus, they played "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid- how do you beat that?!
You know how I am.... always finding horses.
The infinite book tunnel at the Prague Library (yes, I found it! and it's free!)
Stained glass at the library.
Street shot, Old Town Square
(Probably) illicit photography inside the Church of St. James- my professor told us we could take pictures since there weren't guards! This place was incredible. Gold everywhere... there wasn't room for anything else inside this church! Very overwhelming after the English cathedrals, most of which were whitewashed during the Victorian age
Kate, this organ shot is for you. It was phenomenal. Pretty sure I'm going to go to a concert there at some point this summer.
The outside of City Hall, home to the Astronomical Clock, which is just out of this picture. Thats the tower we climbed!


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