Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's just sit back and let the stars shine down

After a week in England, all I want is tea and poetry. Seriously. That could keep me content for a good long while, I believe. We've arrived in Cornwall, and simply put- it is spectacular. The landscape is beautiful. I spent nearly an hour out on the cliffs this evening, watching the stars and listening to the waves crash below. Honestly, how do you top that?!

After leaving Bath today, we stopped in Glastonbury and visited the Abbey ruins there... nothing in comparison with Tinturn Abbey, of course, but amazing nonetheless. After an hour spent exploring those grounds, we climbed the Tor, and enormous hill with a tower atop it that overlooks the valley below for miles. It was quite a hike, but the view was breathtaking and it was a great way to burn off some energy. Lunch was at this terrific little vegetarian cafe in town, then back on the bus and off to Exeter. Another (beautiful) cathedral, only what was different in this one? We got to see the library. Six of us- thanks to Kate- got to go through the back corridors of the cathedral and see the Exeter Book of Poetry and the Domesday Book. The Book of Poetry is tenth century Anglo-Saxon- one of the earliest examples of English in writing. Interestingly enough, poetry in Old English is based upon sounds and rhythm, not structure. It's a book of poetry that looks like prose. Very intriguing to me, considering my current poetry kick. I still can't believe we saw the books. They also have Shakespeare's second folio there... unbelievable. The librarians were this two precious old ladies who were delighted to have six enthralled college kids in their midst. It was wonderful. Then, tour of Exeter, wandering to the quay, exploring town, and off to Cornwall. Absolutely beautiful, it is. I am staying in a castle 100 feet from the Atlantic. I can't believe this is real. Tomorrow morning, a few of us are going on a hike around the area with a dog from the hotel, then off to Mount St. Micheal, I believe- we'll get to walk on the ocean floor!

Every time I turn around, I find something else I love about this place.
The castle where we are staying, overlooking the Atlantic.
The view from my window

Oh, fun fact: people never really believed the world was flat. Dark ages? Middle ages? Yeah, they all knew better. Public schools of America, how you have lied to me...
The quay in Exeter- the river Exe
The Tor
Glastonbury Abbey- where King Arthur and Guinevere's tombs were found in 1100? Sometime around then.


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