Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So this is who we are.

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” -Frank BormanOverlooking Prague from the city hall tower in New Town (new being sort of relative, seeing as it was established in the 1400's by Emperor Charles IV- the same Charles/Karl that virtually everything is named for) . We had to climb up a billion flights of very steep steps to get up there, but it was worth it... the view was spectacular! Besides, I love feeling like I earned my lunch!
The windows through which the usually peacefully Czechs defenestrated the officials they were displeased with. I was very excited 1) that I could identify this as the location where defenestration occurred and 2) that I actually got to see this. We'll be seeing the other defenestration point- where the officials landed in horse manure- later on this summer.
Some flowers in the garden at Charles (Karlova) University
One of the garden paths. I could see myself working on homework or just hanging out here. Tonight, though, I did my homework at the table in our apartment, which works just fine too. Czech, I shall master you! Or, at least, I will valiantly attempt to conquer this language that is tongue-twisting and positively ludicrous. Tomorrow in class, we won't be able to speak English at all. Oh dear, this could get interesting...
An alleyway we passed while walking through campus. Jan, our program director, took the group on a tour of campus and New Town this morning. We were running late, but I'm so glad we made it! It was very cool to see a different part of town. I want to keep exploring! After our tour finished, we ate lunch at a local bar that is the the sister bar to the one below our apartments. It had been recommended to us by several people, including Jan and Lucy, one of the bartenders downstairs. It was delicious! I had the most wonderful potato soup, followed by fruit dumplings that were probably more of a dessert than lunch. That's really okay with me though, I thought they were great!
Graffiti is virtually everywhere in Prague. As someone with a bizarre affection for graffiti, particularly the artsy kind, rather than the destructive kind, I obviously really enjoy it. This bit reads something to the effect of "The chains may be gone, but we are still caged." It's from an anti-fascism group, I believe but I thought the words were pretty cool.
And for those of you who noticed, I decided to change my little picture on the left. This is a shot from the "secret passageway" into the garden at Glastonbury Abbey. Oh, England... good times.


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