Monday, May 24, 2010

Lions and tigers and bears... oh my.

It was one of those days where you just have to repeat to yourself over and over: my life is an adventure and I love it. My life is an adventure and I love it. Have you ever felt like that? Surely, someone else understands this sentiment. Because my life really is an adventure- and of course I love it! It was just an interesting day. I decided that I wanted to go to the school with my roommates so that way I wouldn't get lost later, when I actually had class. One of them, Jessalynn, was craving McDonald's, so we went by on our way to class. As we were leaving, a Czech woman who worked there tried to tell us something. We didn't understand, so we thanked her (in Czech!) and started to leave. She said something else, and then went "Dzshee dzshee dzshee!" while wiggling her fingers downward (that was a sound effect, by the way, not Czech... at least I don't think so). We realized she was talking about rain, basked in the glory of successful communication, and left the restaurant. Bad decision. Ten minutes earlier, it had been warm and sunny. It was a smidge cooler and darker now, but no big deal, right? Wrong! Within a span of about ten seconds, it started POURING. Thunder, lightening, rail, HAIL. Ridiculous. We didn't realize the enormity of this impending deluge that was apparently so obvious to locals. Frantically, we searching for our tram in this terrible weather, when lo and behold, we realized we were standing at the bus stop instead. So we had to identify the closest bus station instead. Please note, the weather is still being spontaneously awful, so we are soaked at this point and running through the streets of Prague. A gust of wind comes, flipping the umbrella backwards and breaking it, oops... Ashley (another one of my roommates) slipped lost her shoe, and we glanced up to see the tram we needed arriving. We all bolted, hoping desperately that we really had found the right tram, in the right direction and frantically boarded, soaked. Success! Of course, as soon as we got on, the sun came out. Several stops later, we arrived right where we needed to be. I, however, didn't have class for another three hours... So I (attempted) to go back to the apartment. Our little orientation guide said I could take Tram 17 to get home, so I did. Incorrect. I could tell I had passed where I wanted to go, but I didn't know where exactly to go from wherever it was that I was. Fortunately, there is a Metro station where the Tram line ends... except I was rushing and took the Metro the wrong way, and ended up at the last station of that too. Oops. I got on the Metro the other direction, and was home in a jiffy. It actually was kind of cool to see all of that. Of course, it was 3:10 by this point, and I had class at 4... so I had to throw on different clothes (since mine were STILL wet) and run off to class. Class today was travel photography, which I think I'm really going to enjoy. We left class, and it was raining again. Lesson learned: always bring your raincoat. Dinner was at this really cute Italian place a few doors down from our apartment, and it was delicious. We've spent the evening trying to sort out where we want to go during our free time here... it's a little crazy to sort out, but more on that front soon!


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