Monday, May 3, 2010

Setting off...

Tonight, it's one final slumber in Columbia, SC. Then on to Oak Ridge, TN; Charlotte, NC; Philadelphia, London, Lud's Church, Winchester, Bath, Salisbury, Caerwent, Caerleon, Exeter, Tintagel, Oxford or Canterbury, Prague, Kutna Hora, Terezin and Litomerice, Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Ceske Budejovice, Hluboka Chateau, Melnik, Frankfurt, Philly again, Houston, back to Columbia! Oh, and maybe a few cities in between. Hello, summer. So follow along. Maybe you can't be here with me, but this blog might just be the next best thing. It's going to be long, it's going to be far from home, it's going to be glorious! New sights, new languages, new cultures, new food (a personal favorite...). I positively cannot contain my excitement.

But for now, I'm eating sushi in my slippers, savoring the taste of home- wherever that is.


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