Sunday, May 16, 2010


Not much time, but here's a bit. Took a jaunt to Salisbury today. Saw the cathedral, wandered around town, then got to the best part: Stonehenge. Um, hello- spectacular. In every way. Then we waltzed around on some ancient burial grounds in the rain (I'm talking ancient to the tune of 4,000 years here). Bus ride back to bath, word games, double rainbow over the countryside. Regrouping, dinner at a local pub called The Cork. The Brits roped us into playing "The Best Pub Quiz in the World" and yes, trivia night was quite a lot of fun. We enjoying being with the locals, and the locals enjoyed having Americans in their bar. It was fantastic. Tomorrow, we're off to Tintagel, in Cornwall. Spending the night in a castle! Should be awesome.
This picture was specifically mentioned as one that would end up on my blog sooo here it is. The entire crew on top of some of the burial mounds on Salisbury Plain.
Salisbury Cathedral- another beautiful church we toured.
Stonehenge! Phenomenal.
With Jess and Kate at Stonehenge- squinting because we were staring into the sun. Also, I was (literally) the only person there with short sleeves... I got excited about a bit of sunshine and warmth and shed my layers (which I promptly put back on as soon as I realized it was about to rain... see below).
Jess, Kate, and I at one of the burial mounds in the rain- I swear I'm not that much of a midget compared to them! I was just running into the picture (gotta love the self-timer)... and maybe I'm a bit short comparatively...
Stonehenge in all of it's glory... It was getting a bit stormy.



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