Monday, June 7, 2010

Ich liebe Berlin!

Once upon a time, I went to England, fell in love, and never wanted to leave. But in the end, I had to go.

From there, I went to Prague. Once more, I fell in love with the place and didn't want move on. But again, I left.

And then I went to Berlin. Like with the others, I found that I loved this place too, and I hated having to leave.

So after very sadly standing in the U-bahn with Ashley waiting for our train to catch the midnight bus home, we changed our plans and stayed another night. Why not?!

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made (followed by the decision to buy a package of belgian waffles from a convenience store at approximately one am that night). Score one for spontaneity! Of course, I did have to leave Berlin eventually... but I enjoyed every minute of my experience there. The hostel? Wonderful. The bike tour? Incredibly fun. The city? One of my favorites.

I know you are practically salivating with anticipation for the details of my adventure. Patience- they're coming, I promise. But for now, enjoy a little taste of Berlin...


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