Sunday, June 20, 2010

I rather like it here.

So I'm in love with yet another European city. Not much time to write, but I do have a few pictures. This is just a taste (honestly, you guys know me... I did not take just five photos here!). Vienna- Wein- is stunning. I don't ever want to leave. I wish I was here longer than just one night but alas, our time is short. We will have some more free time in the morning. Good thing! This place in phenomenal.Schรถnbrunn Palace- a "summer cottage"- and a view of Vienna
Part of the old Imperial Palace- now the National Library
Oh, just the stables at the Spanish Riding School. Nothing fancy or anything. Obviously I couldn't miss this stop (after how many hundreds of times I wanted The Miracle of the White Stallions?! Good grief!). I wish I could have seen them training, but the timing just didn't work out. Still, I was glad I could make a stop there!
Pretending to be a guard at the Imperial Palace... It was too good of an opportunity to pass up! You know you like my serious face. Also, it takes more than spikes to stop me. Even if I did hit my head on them...
I wish I could remember what this building was... but it as absolutely stunning. Vienna was gorgeous during the day, and even more incredible at night. Also, listening to a cellist play Con Te Partiro in a square on my way to dinner: major highlight. It was beautiful. Speaking of dinner... I'll fill you guys in on that another night. Right now, I need sleep! Good night, world.


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