Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Going bananas.

Another rainy day in Prague... but I wasn't going to let the dreary skies get me down. So after a slow morning (and successfully hand-washing clothes, hooray!), I decided to head out. Of course, my umbrella broke a week ago, and no longer says open if I don't hold it tightly. I opted for wearing a sweater with a hood underneath my jacket, and that turned out to be a good idea anyway, because it's still quite chilly here in Prague. I just can't get over the weather! I am so incredibly thankful for my jacket and scarf! I would be freezing otherwise! But anyway. I headed to (you guessed it) Tesco. I was originally planning on exploring another area of town, but I wasn't such a huge fan of doing that in the rain. Nobody likes to be cold and damp and lost! Besides, our orientation guide said that Tesco had cheap clothes... and my program directors did not let me down. I am now the proud owner of two more pairs of skinny jeans! Hallelujah- I've missed having them. I didn't bring any to Europe, and I probably should have. But that's okay- I got to go shopping here. Both pairs were on sale- under $10 each! They have no pockets (but the outlines of pockets are stitched onto them, which is rather amusing). Regardless, I'm thoroughly happy with my purchase. I also got a shirt, and then I headed downstairs to get groceries. While there, I met two British guys who were grocery shopping in Prague for the first time and were thoroughly lost. I wasn't much help to them, but I was able to direct them to the tea aisle. And I finally found the granola bars today! I considered it a success all around... even if I did forget to buy the eggs that I needed for photography class. No big deal. Once back to the apartment, I played around with my camera, just doing a little experimenting with light and whatnot. Afterwards, I watched Glee with my roommates. I was planning on heading to a classical music concert tonight at Municipal Hall, but the group decided to pass since concert tickets were $40 instead of $25. I missed the memo, so I ended up trading in my dress for jeans and a sweater, and headed to a local pub with some of the girls from my apartments. There's a place downstairs, but Lucie the bartender (she's the one who first taught us how to count, and the gestures that go along with the numbers) was insanely busy, and the place was packed. Since the rain had settled down, we headed to another place around the corner. I ordered wiener schnitzel- I know, I'm going to Germany in two days, but it just sounded so good- and it was fantastic. And the mashed potatoes... oh man. I tried the goulash soup that one of the girls ordered, and the penne con pollo, and it was all terrific. Definitely a place I would go back to- even though the waitress ripped us off by adding a 111 crown "service charge/tax." Tax is included in the prices here, and with a group of five, there shouldn't be any type of service charge. Oh well. I enjoyed the food, the friends, and the atmosphere, and it was really only a dollar extra for each of us. There are far worse things in life!
There's supposed to be heavy rain tomorrow, but at least it will be a smidge warmer, and by Friday, it's going to be sunny with a high of twenty! Excellent weather for our field trip to Kutna Hora. First, though, I have to make it through my midterm tomorrow morning. It should be pretty easy, but everyone else has been studying like mad, and I am sort of vaguely wondering if I should jump on that bandwagon. Our professor told us it would be easy (just identifying time periods based upon photos) and I glanced over my notes. Eh, it's all good.
I found this creation at Tesco... some sort of fresh-baked chocolatey goodness. Delicious. The building in the background is the Karlin Theater, right across the street from my apartment.
It's sort of like V-8, except tastier, cheaper, in a larger bottle, and with apricots. Victory all around.
Hello, meet my four bananas.
I'm probably far too easily amused for my own good, but it was rainy and I did not want to be bored.
This picture seems very sad to me, and I don't know why.

Bananas, seated.

Bananas are often seen as a symbol of imperialism and oppression. Thought you should know.

Ghost bananas! This wasn't supposed to turn out this way, but my hands were still kind of shaky after hauling my groceries home (it's kind of a far trek, and I got both juice and milk, so my bags were a little heavy, and my body did not appreciate that). Not the greatest decision of my life, but I always forget about these sorts of things. Oh well... My groceries and I made it back, and the picture looks cool!


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