Monday, July 5, 2010

A stopping point

My beloved Converse are starting to fall apart (meaning they've reached that perfectly broken in stage where you can visibly tell that they are loved. also, they really smell)... and are kind of nasty looking inside. Alas, parting will be such sweet sorrow. They have taken me thousands of miles!
The dandelion's distant cousin
Emily Dickinson, love.
Self-portrait? Cut my head off, called it art.
Ahh, the Ljubljanica River. A beautiful place to wile away the hours.

I have lots of cultural reflections but no mental capacity. You guys can get a real blog update soon. But for now, just know that I am safe and sound in Slovenia! Just spending the night here- well, the night, and the glorious late afternoon prior to it. I leave for Prague tomorrow morning. Twelve hours on a train... oh boy.

Bring it.


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